PP - 1 panel połączeniowy

Opis produktu

To complement the DSP amplifiers, a matching two unit high Patch Panel is available which can be used to configure mains management, Inputs, Outputs and DSP LAN.

Mains is supplied via a trailing male single phase C32 socket and distributed to four Neutrik© Powercon outlets. There are LED indicators for phase and earth integrity and an isolator switch. To prevent power surges the mains outlets operate via a sequencer activated by a single front mounted switch. Sixteen dual Pomona sockets mounted on the rear of the enclosure provide a "User Assignable Matrix" to connect the ample array of front mounted Neutrik©four pole and eight pole connectors.

An internal Ethernet switch gives PC access for up to four DSP amplifiers by way of RJ45 connectors. Two USB connectors are provided for the connection of a Gooseneck LED light or other USB Devices. Neutrik© XLR inputs and links give the patch panel complete user versatility. Robust and ready for the road, this unit is designed to be housed in the UC-8U and UC-10U flight cases with up to four DSP-Series amplifiers

Specyfikacja techniczna

Zasilanie: AC 230V 50Hz


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