LM - W

Opis produktu

On stage monitoring, the bane of all artists and engineers lives. Today’s musician requires stage monitoring capable of ‘keeping up’ with the front of house system. OHM’s solution in the form of the LM-W, a compact floor monitor, Utilising the same components as the LM-4 but in a trapezoidal wedge format.

The Birch plywood painted cabinet is fitted with twin Neutrik Speakon® compatible connectors allowing for easy daisy chaining, a foam covered kick proof grill and heavy duty bar handles making this a truly roadworthy product. It is also suitable for use as a DJ monitor.

A must for every engineers arsenal of loudspeakers, easily set up and an attractive piece of stage furniture.

Specyfikacja techniczna

impedancja: 8 [Ω]
moc AES (continuous): 300 [W]
moc AES (programme): 600 [W]
SPL (1W/1m): 98 [dB]
Max @ 1m: 124 [dB]
pasmo przenoszenia (-3 dB): 70 - 20 800 [Hz]
Częstotliwość podziału: 2 000 [Hz]
Active crossover HPF: 100 [Hz]
kąt rozproszenia poziomo x pionowo: 90 x 50 [˚]
wymiary H x W x D: 555 x 370 x 358 [mm]
waga: 19.4 [kg]


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