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A well mannered amplifier should accept an input, amplify it, drive it into the connected load without any extra noises, distortion or speaker threatening DC failures and definitely no expensive vacations to the repair shop. User error must be met with quiet protection, not with system-destroying violence... and it has to sound good. These are the simple criteria that form the basis of the CFU Amplification philosophy.

Behind the elegant fascia, an unusually large amount of output transistors and massive power supply. Many designers specify the transistor compliment by the maximum that can be wrung from each device, ignoring the fact that good behaviour is dependant upon transistor-die area and sufficient heat removal. CFU Amplifiers use a very large number of output devices per watt attached to proprietary heat sinks, optimised aero-dynamics and twin thermally controlled proportional fans.

The two ohm capability and massive power output enhances the versatility of this range of amplifiers.

Perfect for powering the full range of OHM loudspeakers and subwoofers.

Balanced line inputs and links are provided on industry standard Neutrik XLR connectors, for fixed installations a barrier strip is provided. Slide switches offer three gain options, a simple 100Hz low pass filter, stereo, bridge, parallel options and an earth lift.
Outputs via Neutrik Speakon connectors and binding posts providing multi-connection options including bridge and bi-amp. Mains inlet is by way of a fixed power cable. The whole unit is protected by a circuit breaker.

CFU Amplifiers provide loudspeaker DC, over temperature, short circuit and over current limiters as standard.

Attractively Styled, reliable and tough, ready for static installation or life on the road.

"Velvet sound in an iron glove"

Specyfikacja techniczna

Moc (1kHz THD<0.1%) @ 8Ω tryb STEREO: 2 x 650 [W]
Moc (1kHz THD<0.1%) @ 4Ω tryb STEREO: 2 x 1100 [W]
Moc (1kHz THD<0.1%) @ 2Ω tryb STEREO: 2 x 1600 [W]
Moc (1kHz THD<0.1%) @ 8Ω tryb BRIDGE: 2 200 [W]
Moc (1kHz THD<0.1%) @ 4Ω tryb BRIDGE: 3 200 [W]
Pasmo przenoszenia (1W / 8Ω): 20Hz-20kHz +0, -0.3dB [Hz]
Czułość wejściowa: 0.77V / 1.1V / 26dB
THD+N: <0.02% @1kHz
Damping factor @ 400Hz into 8Ω: >500
IMD: <0.02%@ 100W into 8 Ohm (60Hz & 7kHz)
Impedancja wejściowa: > 20k Ohm Balanced/>10k Ohm Unbalanced [kOhm]
Sygnał / szum: >100 [dB]
Przesłuch @ Out 8Ω/1kHz: >60 [dB]
Klasa: H
Wejścia: Female XLR & Barrier Strip / Male XLR / Neutrik Speakon and Binding Post
Kontrolki: -30dB, -15dB, -3dB, Signal Input, Peak, Clip
Zasilanie: AC 240V 50Hz
wymiary H x W x D: 88 x 482 x 451 [mm]
waga: 25.5 [kg]


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